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Happy New Year.

God this place is dead. Whatever. 2007 is here, that's all that matters. I graduate, and i turn 18. And, i'll be going to Florida. This year is looking good right about now. How about yours?
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The hills are awesome up here

Well i'm finally able to update.

It was a 25 hour drive this summer. Usually if we don't stop as much it'd be 24 hours. But if we would have stayed the night at a hotel then it would have taken even longer.

It was exhausting, and my lazy ass slept most of the time, but it was fun.
I'm in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. At my crazy grandpa's house. He's awesome.
He's forcing me to eat all of his watermelon so it doesn't go to waste and he can have some room in his fridge.
My grandpa is a bar tender, and it's cute watching him work a register. He doesn't know what he's doing so he just uses the key to open the door.

Thank gosh my mom brought her company lap top so i could update.

We went out to eat tonight, and i ordered fettucini alfredo. It was awful. And i'm still a little sick to my stomach.

My mom is at a concert down town and it's a freaking tribute band to pink floyd. I'm not sure if i like the whole idea of tribute bands. But whatever. The name of the band is "Think Floyd". Korny? I think so.

Well it's time to watch my CSI, and Without A Trace now.
Just thought i'd give a little update about the beginning of my vacation.


I'm looking at a Saturn that is a 2006 and only 17 grand. Cars are super cheap up here. I want it soooo bad.

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Ahhh i'm so excited!

I just heard that Head Automatica was on tour with TBS. Sooo i looked it up, and on July 12,2006 they are performing in pompano with Angels and Airwaves!!! I wanted to buy the tickets RIGHT now, but i have to save to go. And, i don't know who to go with. I was thinkin' about just going with one person. I have a couple people in mind, but if anyone is interested in tagging along in my car then let me know!

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I miss my brother.

I had a dream about my brother just now.
I'm a little dazed, due to that consistant feeling that the dream was real.

Happy birthday Gian.
We definitely need to make a play date.

My car is fine. And i'm having a good time with the whole driving experience.
I take what i can get. My goal is getting a Jetta. :] Maybe after college.

I feel i did well on my two AP exams, considering i didn't drown myself in studying and i was failing one of the two.
They gave us trendy blue bracelets as a pass back to class. Creative South Dade.

My year anniversary is coming up at winn-dixie. And i'm not sure if that's something to be proud of.
On the contrary, i'm only 17 and getting a decent job is unlikely.
I'll be moving into the office, and a raise is included....hmm.
And, i think of it as a representation of the responsibility i have derived from it.

This is the first update i've had in exactly a month.
Year books came out, and i haven't gotten one yet.
I'm making it a priority considering it's the only year book picture i've ever liked of myself.
Maybe next year i'll be voted "most changed". Haha.

"Did i mention when i see you it feel like the fact that we could have something."
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Seems like it's been forever that you've been gone.

I got my lisence.
And i've put so much money into my car.
I drove it one day.
And it quite on me.
It's being fixed again, and i'm too frustrated to even want to know what's wrong with it. All i know is it'll be another 400 bucks that i don't have. I got my hopes high. And now it just seems like it's not worth it anymore.
And it's funny, cause i know all these kids that get cars for their birthday or for Christmas. And these kids won't have to pay to fix their car, they won't have to pay for the insurance every six months, and these kids won't settle for less. Their lucky y'know.

I'm sick. And i've been home in my bed for the last two days.
I worked last night, which was probably a mistake, cause i only felt worse after that.
Spring break is going to be shit. I was looking forward to it before, but now...i won't have my car.

I like this band though. Fort Minor. It's a nice band. Mike from Linkin Park is in it. It's cool.

I hope my days get better.


Where'd you go? I miss you so.
Some days i feel like shit.
Some days i just wanna quit.
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Teenage drama, has gone way too far.

Well, just goes to show how immature High School can really be.

It's gotten to the point where i am in the postion of pressing charges on a fellow student(s) at South Dade. Pathetic? Indeed.
I'm sure they will be very pleased to know that what they consider a funny joke, is actually harrassment.

At least i'm nice enough not to reveal names.
But i'm warning you all, on LJ, and that attend South Dade;
People have nothing better to do but fuck with other people.
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I cried when i found out it was actually mine.


It's a 1993 Chevy Blazer.
It's red. Just like a strawberry.
It runs great, besides the occasional stalling.
A tune up will fix that though.
It's beautiful!!

My mom saw it, and bought it without me knowing.
I woke up this morning and they made me get dressed,
And we left. I had no idea where we were going.
And so i see it. And i started laughing nervously.
She actually bought it.

We're gonna get certain things fixed.
But by the time i get my actual lisence, my car will be the shit!

I get to drive it home tomorrow!!!

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